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Date: July 13, 2020
ROV Inspection: The Game Changer in the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas Industry started its offshore drilling operations in the year 1897, which was approximately 4 decades after Col. Edwin Drake drilled the first well in 1859. At present, there are almost 900+ large scale Oil & Gas platforms across the globe that operate in varied offshore environments.

As offshore drilling activities became mainstream; the need for underwater intervention and observation arose. It is a known fact that the Oil & Gas Industry adheres to stringent standards that are aimed at equipment & workplace safety. In order to extract offshore oil & gas deposits gigantic steel and concrete platforms are installed in progressively deeper and hostile waters. The safety of these structures is a major concern for the stakeholders. This is where the ROVs come into the picture; these tethered underwater vehicles became a crucial tool for the Oil & Gas Industry as they provided access to the most inaccessible and uncharted regions beneath the surface.

Why Choose ROV Inspection for Oil & Gas?

Negligible Support Requirement:
The current range of ROVs does not require extensive manpower as there is usually only one individual piloting the ROV and 2 to 3 people for deploying the ROV in the water. Hence, a crew of just 5 trained personnel might be enough to carry out an entire operation.

Easy Deployment:
As the majority of the ROVs out there like Planys ROVs use AC power supply they are highly easy to deploy and retrieve. Irrespective of the size of the ROV if there is a steady AC power supply, it will work!

Neutrally Buoyant:
ROVs are robustly designed with inbuilt buoyancy units that help them to remain neutrally buoyant in water enabling them to have efficient hydrodynamic behavior.

Unlimited Operational Hours:
The operational period of the ROV is limited only by the operator’s endurance; the ROV can remain underwater for as long as it is required.

Easy to Manoeuvre:
With a high-tech piloting system in place the ROVs are highly easy to maneuver.

The Future of ROV in the Oil & Gas Industry

The usage of ROV in the Oil & Gas market has been growing exponentially and figures support this fact. A recent report showcased the ROV market as a swiftly rising sector of the global offshore oil & gas market. According to the industry experts by the year 2023, the ROV market is slated to see a growth of up to USD 943.1 million at a CAGR of 3.27%. As the capital-intensive offshore projects increase, the market is expected to improve in the forthcoming months.

How Planys Technologies is at the Forefront of This Change

Planys with its smart underwater inspection solutions envisions to steer a new course in the Oil & Gas maintenance & inspection industry. Our ROVs are accurately engineered keeping in mind marine architectural principles hence they can perform exceptionally well underwater. Inspections performed by Planys drive short and long-term decision making by providing an interpretation of data in various easy and intuitive forms. With innovative underwater assessment methods and smart post inspection reporting systems our technology helps the asset owners take decisions for appropriate planning of maintenance and repair.

All in all, you can count on us to cater to your underwater survey & inspection requirements. To know more about our services, write to us at or give us call on +91-8448188507


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