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Date: February 25, 2023
How Planys Underwater ROVs carry out Storage Tank Inspections?

Deadly fires do not know a time or place. At times, the spread is so quick that before you even find the time to react and call for help the matter has gone out of your hands. Even a small spark is enough to cause a fire outburst that could last for days at times.

Of all the places, a refinery is a place that is most highly susceptible to fire hazards. This is one of the reasons why refineries have a large number of storage tanks for any unexpected mishaps.

What is a Fire Water Tank and Why is its Inspection Important?

Often refineries are in locations that are on the outskirts of the city making water supply difficult and insufficient in cases of emergencies. To mitigate this problem all refineries, use a fire water tank. A fire water tank is a large tank filled with adequate amounts of water that will be used by the fire sprinkler system of a refinery in case of an unfortunate fire emergency. In accordance with the requirement, these tanks are available in material variants such as steel, concrete, fiberglass tanks, etc. These tanks are fixed to a base and have the capacity to store thousands of gallons of water.

Every country has a set of defined guidelines for inspecting these storage units to ensure the optimal efficacy and usefulness of the structure. Hence, it is important to conduct a visual inspection of these tanks to ensure that it is safe to use.

What are the traditional Methods and its limitations?

Emptying the tank – Draining 1000s of litres of water from the tank results in a substantial amount of water wastage.

Manual Diver Inspection – commercially qualified divers swimming within the confined underwater space to carry out the cleaning of the tank requires considerable time and human resources. The risk involved in this task also presents significant WH&S issues.

In addition, both of these methods require taking a shutdown of the structure.

How can Planys ROVs Provide a Viable Solution?

Planys ROVs can be deployed in the complex, confined spaces with ease and undertake the visual inspection of the internal structure of the tank. The ROV will be mounted with the required payloads to collect accurate and reliable data. The essential defects such as areas of corrosion, coating failures, and other irregularities will be captured. The collected datasets will then be polished to produce a comprehensive representation on the Planys Analytics Dashboard wherein the client can view all the important data in the same place. Listed below are a few notable benefits of utilizing the Planys Solution:

  • No downtime is required whilst inspection.
  • Cost-effective for asset owners who have a constrained budget.
  • Decreases tank preparation time and cost.
  • A detailed digital report is provided that helps asset managers evaluate the severity of the defects and make decisions related to maintenance & repairs.
  • You can avoid unnecessary water wastage.

Thus, with Planys storage tank inspections can be carried out in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Visit or dial +91-8448188507 to know more about our inspection and digital reporting services.


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