Digital Reporting

Planys’ AI enabled enterprise level digital reporting platform allows easy representation and analytics of asset maintenance and inspection data, designed specifically for usage with inspection services offered by Planys. Features include geo-tagging of inspection data, rich data presentation, easy navigation, data enhancement, prediction, and analysis of trends in data collected over a long duration.

Our Digital Reporting Dashboard is a futuristic information management system that tracks, analyses, and displays crucial data points to assess the health of a given structure. It can be tailored to suit the requirements of the client.

Currently, the reporting of underwater data in the inspection industry is non-digital, limited to PDFs & a dump of raw un-processed footages. This leads to the end user going through hours & hours of data making it impossible to take accurate decisions. This is where Planys’ Digital Reporting Platform carves a niche. It allows quick analysis, accurate defect quantification, and cross-comparison of inspection data across years and much more.

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Data Enhancement
Highly Interactive & Easy Navigation
Increased Accuracy
Leveraging the Power of AI
Comprehensive Data Visualization
Historical Comparison of Data
Central Data Repository
Multiple Asset Data Visualization
Data Driven Decision Making

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