Research & Consultancy

Research & Consultancy

Underwater NDT & NDE

Planys is developing the world’s first underwater NDE sensors that can change the dynamics of civil infrastructure inspection. This will allow us to assess what is happening inside the structures that are perennially underwater. This is undergoing field trials and will be commercially launched soon. 

Advanced underwater NDT methods were successfully developed, integrated, and implemented for European clientele at their marine terminals. These methods are extremely safe, efficient, and offer enhanced speed (no marine growth cleaning required) at reduced costs.

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Marine Robotics

Planys’ capability in the field of marine robotics is proven by the success of its products in various industrial sectors. Planys’ submersible robots today can reach inside highly confined places at great depths carrying various sensors and equipment. Planys offers its capability to engineer submersible systems to clients who need bespoke products for their end use. Planys is continuously engaged in customized product development with clients from various industries such as defense, oil & gas and academia.


Industrial Robotics

Planys is a powerhouse of engineering boasting a multi-disciplinary team spanning across various domains of engineering. With its proven product development experience, operational know-how and strong research alliances Planys offers its engineering capabilities towards development of bespoke robotic solutions for industrial needs. Planys is working with various segments such as healthcare and steel industry to provide them customized robotic solutions for their end needs.


Planys’ technology has been indigenously designed from the ground up using raw materials, mechanical components and manufacturing practices that are available in India itself. Planys also has created state-of-the-art infrastructure for rapid development and testing of underwater vehicles. Situated in Chennai, Planys has a well-equipped test 7000 sq. ft. facility that houses the following:
  • India’s only civil hyperbaric chamber (30 bar rated)
  • Indoor Tank of size 10m x 3m x 4m
  • Vertical driller
  • 2D CNC router
  • 3D Printer
  • Electronics lab with advanced power supplies
  • Measurement equipment
  • Jib-crane
  • Fork-lift
  • In addition, it also has a dedicated inventory, storage area and piloting room for training & underwater vehicle testing. The facility is equipped with high-end IT and computing infrastructure with modern CAD and simulation software packages for design.
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