About Planys

How it Started?

The Planys Story

Planys is a global solutions provider pioneering cutting edge technologies across marine robotics, non-destructive testing (NDT) & intelligent data analytics & reporting. Planys’ technology is changing how underwater asset inspections are conducted across Maritime, Infrastructure & Energy sectors.

Incorporated in 2015, Planys was founded by IIT Madras alumni and faculty who have been concocting brilliant ideas since 2012 on various projects. Since then, Planys has been developing competent inspection solutions for executing complex missions in hostile & restrictive environments. With our patented technologies, domain expertise and production systems, we are uniquely positioned to offer greater efficiency from concept to project delivery and beyond.

Planys is an enterprise that is driven by research and technology. Our team’s approach in innovating a solution always starts with an in-depth analysis of the engineering and scientific perspectives. Every single day, we strive to increase our stock of knowledge, utilize this for the benefit of our clients and constantly evolve.


Vision & Mission

We envision to become a global leader in providing customizable automated inspection solutions for onshore and offshore submerged structures. Furthermore, Planys intends to excel as a leading product and services company in the domain of Under-fluid Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for long-term asset integrity monitoring across industries.

Core Values


We put the safety of oneself & the team above anything else at Planys.


Righteousness is the foundation of our business and we always believe in doing the right thing.


In every project that we take up we ensure to give our clients nothing short of the best.


At Planys we encourage our team to think out-of-the-box and innovate.

Ownership Driven

Every role at Planys Technologies is ownership driven.

Advisory Board

Planys has a mix of Investor-mentor and other advisors on its advisory board.

Gopal Srinivasan

Lead Advisor and Investor

P. A. Krishnan

Business Development Advisor

Capt. Krishnamurti

Maritime Advisor

P Elango

Oil and Gas Advisor

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