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Date: September 25, 2023
A Career as ROV Pilot: A Challenging & Promising Pursuit

The underwater industry offers a host of challenging, exhilarating, and rewarding career opportunities. This industry is perfect for individuals who have a knack for adventure but at the same time want to challenge their intellectual capacities.

An ROV pilot is a job profile that not many people know or understand. Becoming an underwater ROV pilot allows you to operate & control a submersible vehicle that performs underwater inspection for various structures.

How do you Become an ROV Pilot?

There is no specific degree that can help you become an ROV pilot. Most of the individuals who are ROV pilots hold degrees in electrical, mechanical, or electronic engineering, however, this is not mandatory. Some ROV pilots can also have degrees in biology or earth science. And a few more can also have military service on their resume with the required standards of vocational qualifications.

In addition to educational qualifications, several inspection companies look for characteristics such as proficiency using computers, practical experience in the usage of power and hand tools, attention to detail, ability to use technical and mechanical equipment, capability to work along as well as with a team, physical and mental ability to work in challenging environments, responsible towards the health and safety of oneself and others.

What will Be your Job as ROV Pilot?

There are a few core responsibilities that are included in the job description of ROV pilots, and they are listed below:

Operate ROV equipment:

As an ROV pilot, you will be required to know how to operate the equipment that is loaded on an ROV. It can include things like video & still cameras, probes, acoustic sensors, and SONAR probes.

Supervising Launch & Recovery:

You need to help the crew deploy, recover, and operate the ROV safety on site. Your role will be to ensure the crew deploying the vehicle is following all the required safety procedures and ensure the ROV is not harmed in any way before, during, and after the operation.

Maintaining Technical Documentation:

The document will include important information like mission accomplishment ratio, technical issue details (if any), observations of the inspections, and any suggested solutions.

Condition Analysis:

As an ROV pilot before starting a specific operation, you need to be sure of the environmental conditions of the site. You will be required to monitor aspects such as vessel heading, wind speed, wave direction, surface current, visibility, and weather forecasting models.

Who Hires ROV Pilots?

People who wish to become ROV pilots can explore the below-mentioned employment prospects.

  • Private offshore energy and construction companies
  • Environmental setups
  • National & local government authorities
  • Inspection Companies
  • Companies that offer archaeological exploration services
  • Search & Rescue operations companies
  • Academic research institutes

There is no other job like that of an ROV pilot that allows you to explore underwater inspections across various industries. The path to becoming one might be difficult but once you have become an ROV pilot, there will be no looking back. To know more about how an ROVs work and what the role of ROV pilot consists of visit or dial +91-8448188507.


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