Lock-gate Inspection

Planys conducted underwater inspection of a port wall at a major port in West India. The dock worked on a lock-gate system through which vessels could enter and leave at any state of tide. Visual inspection and side scan survey was performed along the port walls to evaluate the defects in the wall, estimate the debris at the bottom and plan for rehabilitation.

Scope of Work: Underwater visual inspection of two walls of length 230m each up to a depth of 8m using turbid water module. The inspection aimed to identify locations of structural defects and debris at the bottom.

Planys Solution: The inspection was performed using Planys’ ROV Beluga equipped with high resolution camera, turbid water module, altimeter and depth sensor.

  1. Over 100+ defects were found, major cavity, cracks, debonding, small cavities
  2. Defects were categorised by severity (major/moderate/minor) and also by type (cavity/debonding/cracks) marked on construction drawing.
  3. Since the water was murky, Planys’ turbid water module was used along with its proprietary image enhancement software to reduce cloudiness in the videos.
  4. All anomalies/defects were plotted against geo-tagged CAD drawing of every section on the Planys Analytics Dashboard (PAD) with localised click-to-view video feature.
  5. The report was given to the consultant for further suggestions and relevant action point for re-work.

Images show deployment & setup of the ROV system and defects captured during inspection

Images show defects captured during inspection with Planys ROV & snapshot of the “defects hot-spot” map delivered to client for a certain section on Planys Analytics Dashboard (PAD)