Cooling Water Channels

Planys conducted underwater SONAR survey for a section of an intake water canal for a thermal power plant. The canal wall collapsed into the canal and the contractor hired for its rehabilitation wanted to assess the extent of the debris in the canal and geo-tag the locations for concerns on a map for further action. Thermal plant owners did not want to take a shutdown and thus the canal had high velocity (more than 5 m/s) of continuous flow of water. An ROV was chosen as the safe option compared to divers.

Scope of Work: Conditions assessment of the damages to canal wall using Side-Scan SONAR for 60m of stretch to identify the location of debris lying on the canal bed  and compute the extent of the spread of debris.

Planys Solution: The underwater  inspection services were performed using Planys’ Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Beluga equipped with high end Side-Scan SONAR, GPS, altimeter and depth sensor.

  1. Due to high flow in the canal, the ROV was tied with 4 high tensile ropes and suspended into the channel.
  2. SIDE SCAN SONAR imaging for the areas of interests (in a grid pattern) was completed and anomalies were geo-tagged against the CAD drawing
  3. Figures below shows the swath covered by Side-scan SONAR system and the location of major objects observed around the berth. Results were finally tabulated and compiled on the Planys Analytics Dashboard (PAD).

Some Side Scan SONAR images identifying objects at the canal-bed supplemented by visual inspection